Just a Girl

May 24, 2012
I've been walking around half alive
holding on to what used to be
yet you loved me through it
when guys promises fell
you were there to hold on to me

I am just a girl that has been
left out in the rain
trying so hard to get away from it all
yet you loved me
and was waiting with arms wide open

They laugh cause I cling to you
cause I am waiting on you Lord
even when I was broken
you were there and held onto me tight
you have wiped away all my tears

I am just a girl who is broken
but still clings to your every word
waiting for the day when I can see you
face to face
I will stay on my knees with my hands lifted
up to you

Even when they say its stupid to love you
I will never let go
Even though I am not strong enough
I will lean on you for strength
each and everyday

I am just a girl
that you created

I am just a girl
that you love!

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