i can breath again

May 24, 2012
My not is gone the rope that was holding me down is gone now I'm free be where i really want to be. I'm sorry had be like this i was physically there but meantally i was somewhere else and my heart already was owned by someone else it was nothing personal i try ed all i could to not show. You were great help but wasn't the one my heart ached and screamed for. Now i can be where my heart the nest i was meant for. I'm in the open Sky's flying fast as i could to go where i know i should be. The cage and not has let go of this caged bird and its time for this bird fly free and there no turning back after i go forward. My flame has started up and no matter what the cold winds blow won't stop me. I will always see that not as a bridge that helped me in way but same time it forced me hide what should not of been seen. The guilt was eating me up but now all that have been lifted off my shoulder and i can breath again. I won't shed a tear of sadness but of joy for letting me free.

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