Once Upon

May 23, 2012
By MayaReardon SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
MayaReardon SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
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Once upon a time ?those four words
?Wrung inside my head
?Tried so hard to leave them unheard??
Cause the happily ever after is a place where no one is near me
?I don’t want that ending, so i leave it buried deep inside?
The old doll upon the shelf?
An inch of dust, left unnoticed?
Lying there alone, watching the world pass it by
??Because once upon a time ?was built on broken dreams
?It so easily becomes I wish, ?and then where does that leave me?
??I wish, I want, I need ?so many different meanings,
But in the end it all comes down to once upon a time and happily ever after?
Because if I believe in that
I’m left like a the old doll upon the shelf??
Watch you pass me by; you smirk and give a laugh?
You don’t even see me, buried under that dust ?is you’re once upon a time?
And your to busy laughing at me to even notice that ??once upon a time,
Everyone ignores it ?I tried to run away? but then I heard it??
My once upon a time ?is going all around?
My once upon a time, I just need to look around
?Because around me here it is
??I laugh a loud with you?
But secretly I go back? and pick up the doll?,
Dust it off; put it in plain view ??
I may not be that doll ?but I can still believe,
I need, I want? I wish so hard, I try ?I laugh and let it out ?I don’t want to cry??
Once upon a time, I couldn't make up my mind
?In the end I decided to believe in it? cause happily ever after
Well that’s different story
?I’ll try and do my best, let everything else do the rest
And ??maybe next time, I’ll take that doll with me in front of you?

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