I Will Never Forget You

May 23, 2012
By VickyLove92 PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
VickyLove92 PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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The amount of times,
I whisper…I miss you
To myself in the crowd surrounding me
They fade into the background

My heart races with the seconds
On the clock
Behind me
Ticking across the room
There is an audience, waiting patiently

The pure insanity it is to witness
Such a crime, which I will commit
Within seconds and or maybe minutes

My mind charms with its nerves
Fiction rubs onto one another
Sweating palms of the nerves grip
Onto my nonfictional life of a war

The defensive warriors conquers
The territory of selfishness
Carves out the virtue of myself
Willing to feel the heart of mine
Than those around me

Smiling from the pain in the world
To never frown itself to the world
As I once did, many minutes before
Before I met his deep brown eyes
Of sweet remedies

When in your arms
In warmth of love between your legs
Inspires me to feel the pounding
Of our hearts racing with one another
But not pacing

Vibrations of sparks flutters between us
Such a passion, shouldn’t have blossomed
Despite the captivation of with our hearts

A built up of suffering
A knife stabbing in the heart of mine
Oh, Tim… I speak of

Settling somewhere else
I can’t touch, feel, see, smell or hear

Use my basic instincts of humanity
The five senses that bought me close to you
Such a motivating artist
With an intense devotion for me

My brown eyes weep in the middle of the night
With no clue, how you may see me
With the salty tears from the waterfalls
Of an oceanic aqua body of water

Drowning to see beyond the distance
Separating us from one another

A foreign land I haven’t seen
And or filtered the land with my concerns
Of safe keeping and the kisses of cherishment
Blanketing the ground, but dirt rest there
With no affection for you

There isn’t anything there
But a cold conflict of fighting for our country
Defending what’s rightfully ours into a battlefield

I’m long lost from rather to live with fear
Or Fear of losing you,
There in the battle

Fighting who you are against who everyone is
Battling out who will be the one, with the prize
Of an ego. So high and mighty
Flying with it to the end of Earth
Harmonizing yourself to your inner strength of manhood

Locks you away from me
The soul who soars
Who soars alone with the streets of ninth

myself with the times waiting for your letters
To know you are still here, breathing on mother Earth

Capturing the breaths of the air surrounding you
To see, that I’m not alone
Fighting to know you will survive

Fighting for something that could end with a shot
A shot of a bullet through the skull
Through the red pumping heart,
I want to hear it; to thump

After this war from an unknown place to me
A battlefront where you positioned your anger
Your frustration and your strength towards them

Unknown crowd strangers, who belong to somewhere else
You don’t take in a consideration, they do too
Have someone waiting for their letters of the ones
Who rotated their lives around them
As I once did for you

They are like me
No one is different
But places where they are from
I can’t help but to insist the wishes of my nights
To wish on a shooting star, for just one wish
To once see you again; after months and months
Of no communication and no warmth of comfort

Faithful as a lion is to their herd
Loving someone going with the winds
Of the firing red and snow white stripes
And the stars of magnificent bravery
On the grounds fighting for America

While at home, I’m praying for hope
Hope his dear self didn’t loss himself in the battle

I am as selfish as America is, to let their heart
Win the battles with a parade of victims
Associated in sadness, holding onto their last moments
With everyone who he loved and dearly missed

I’m like America; I let others to be the victims
In pain and lost in a world of questions of fake love
Until now, a love I want to pronounce to be mine
Will no longer be mine

Loving someone shouldn’t be kept in place of new dreams
But a place where, it’s best
To be set free with the eagles soaring across the skies
To let in a breather, separating me and him
With the reality of a true story of my future
I will prevent

The author's comments:
I would like to introduce him to you. His name is Tim Lopez. I love him. But sometimes love is better to be set free than to the kept because in the end. We will not pull it through cause i'm insecure in our relationship as you only notice my fake smiles as you ignore me for your dreams.Sniffles

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