July 7, 2012
By Anna Corace BRONZE, Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Anna Corace BRONZE, Mt. Clemens, Michigan
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While some hunger for knowledge,

yet others for money,

the little flower hungers for nothing more than food.

There are millions of flowers

all crying because they hunger so.

But the animals pay no attention,

in their hunger for worldly things.

“Please sir! Please miss!

Can you not spare a scrap?”

But the animals just laugh cruelly

and choose their tacky gifts.

The gifts that will end up

in their caves unused.

While the little flowers

end up crying,

for they have no food.

And while the flower wilts

and starts to die away.

The animals grunts and grabs

eating disgusting greasy things.

But meanwhile down in Africa

a girl stoops and picks up a flower.

And though the girl is dirty

and the flower is clean.

Both seem about to wilt away

which causes the girl to say,

“we are one and the same.”

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