The End.

July 7, 2012
I don't know what to do anymore but wait;

Watch in sorrow as he fantasizes over another's beauty;

I watch helpless as he takes her bait;

She drags him in with the hook in his lip;

His smile so wide showing how he wouldn't want to be anywhere else;

I quiver in pain as I feel my heart rip;

He's so close to her face right away;

Beautiful,pale blue eye roll over her every feature;

I try to speak but,honestly,there is nothing I can say;

I came to his aid way too late;

The words stuck in my mouth and tried to break free;

But all that came out was some sad animal at an attempt to snatch a mate;

I have failed misreably;

She pulls him to her lips and I watch as he falls limp;

There is no true happy ending for the one I call me.

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