The Broken Mirror

July 7, 2012
To look in the mirror hurts;

To hear all of your words;

To see you laugh at my imperfection;

All I want to do is turn away and run;

Don't look at me;

According to him,I'm just too ugly;

It hurts just knowing I'll always stay the same;

When the boy I've always love turns and looks away,I'll know who to blame;

Why did god make me this way?;

How with all this bad did he expect me to want to stay;

Cover me and hide your eyes;

My fat is disgusting,no surprise;

All I want to be is accepted;

Not teased just for being well fed;

You must know how hard it really is;

Not believing yourself and all the great feelings and experiences you miss;

Because you were hurt;

Just because you wore a little tight of a shirt;

Just because you were hungeru and stuffed your face;

Just because you couldn't run at a faster pace;

And now you can't even look at your reflection;

Do you know how hard it is to survive the pain of true rejection?

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