2 Double Oh 7 Plus 2

July 6, 2012
By Anonymous

2 Double Oh 7 Plus 2 (2009)
When I think about it, I tell myself. “this is all on you”.
You decided to mess up your life back in 2 double oh 7 plus 2.
Wipe your tears,because theres nothing you can do now.
You put your hands up. Looked back, and through up the towel.
It all started when you thought a boy was more important than your books.
And thought you can just get by on everything with your looks.
And to think this was all it took,
For you to realize this is all on you.
You decided to mess up your life back in 2 double oh 7 plus 2.
Don’t shake your head, cause you didn’t use it then.
When you thought the coolest thing in the world was skipping with him.
When you lost your best friend,
Cause you was skipping with him.
Was it fun for you to be stuck in his building that night all alone?
When you prayed over and over for god to get you safe and home.
When your mother was worried sick
Cause a boy over putting her through that is what you picked
Was it fun to be in the backseat… listening to the cops speak,
On the radio telling your parents they found you.
Your crying while you write this part but its all on you.
You decided to mess up your life back in 2 double oh 7 plus 2.
To you, school wasn’t a priority.
You swore you and him were in your own lil sorority.
The whole school was against you, you couldn’t afford to be…
Kicked out, had to watch that mouth.
It would get a little out of hand.
It was the only way you could prove yourself, cause your legs would wobble as you stand.
You was weak, a pretty fool.
And all that did was put your hot butt in summer school.
All the stuff you went through, was it worth it?
Then in 10th grade you tried to find something close to it.
Found something greater, but ya mind was still off track.
When there would be only one or two books in ya backpack.
When you’d whisper to ya friend next to you, “aye lemme get them answers”.
Then go home, watch videos and imitate the dancers.
It was all on you.
You decided to mess up ya life back in 2 double oh 7 plus 2.
Junior year you said, “Ima just rebel cause I don’t wanna be here”.
Dumb decision, ended up going to summer school for ya second year.
Tried to walk in heels, but shoulda started with sandals,
When in senior year you took on a lil more than you can handle.
It was hard, but you still walked across that stage,
As you waved to the doubters while they filled with rage.
My dreams just may be a lil bigger than my head.
But my body is getting a lil too big for my lil bed.
Im growing, I wish the world could see.
I know exactly what I want and who I want to be.
I wanna make a difference, I want everyone to hear me.
Believe it or not, ima make it to NYU.
Even if I did mess up my life back in 2 double oh 7 plus 2.

The author's comments:
this poem is a reflection of my high school years, and about my first step towards maturity, which is taking responsibility for my actions.

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