July 5, 2012
I'm just waiting.
Waiting for you
To bring back that part of me that disappeared.
But this is the last chance
For you to show me my old ways,
So that everything can return to normal.
I don't have the slightest clue
Of why I would kill myself today,
But if I was to do the thinkable today
My reason would be because I've waited.
I've waited too long for you to come,
I guess you've finally decided
not to show up.
I've waited too much that I'm too tired to continue,
I guess you've decided to let me rest in pieces.
I've waited to strong that I'm stuck on the ground,
I guess you've chosen to let the vultures depose of me
underneath the heavens clouds.
Because I'm done waiting for you.
I'm not waiting anymore.

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