The Lone Dancer

July 5, 2012
By Michael.West.III PLATINUM, APO, New York
Michael.West.III PLATINUM, APO, New York
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A dark lit stage. Soft smooth jazz starts quietly at first, building with each second and minute. A soft overhead blue light bathes a lone dancer from head to toe. She starts to dance slowly, feeling out the rhythm and beat of the music...The light in background starts filling up the stage with a deep blood red. The light above her becomes more less blue and more purple, standing out against the deep red background...
The music soon becomes so loud everyone can feel it in themselves. We all look upon her, and with each new second she starts to become the music, dancing with its ebbs and flows...With each fluid movement, the lights shift color breathlessly against her motions...As the song peacefully comes to an end the background becomes a softer purple while her over head light dims down to barely a whisper of blue. She begins to dance back, back into the folds of the theater, back into the music, back into the shadows of the music and the light.

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