See the light

June 22, 2012
See the light
See the light

The world switched off their light
at night and began to sleep
The moon wake up at night
and switched on its light to whole universe
It's alert light for us to
protect ourselves from thieves
i don't want light while sleeping
But the world gives us neither
good nor bad, we tends to receive that.

If i am child, i like to say this
"oh! moon. i want to move you
near our home by my hand.
Lit a light for our home only
i stand above you and seeing
the world with a great merry
i wanna color you as blue..
No..Orange...No..all colors
Like a rainbow. wonderful at night

Darkness seems at night
and in your eyes
you see a light
when you open your eyes
sleep your thoughts, make a dream
sleep your body, just relax
sleep you mind, that is sleep, dream ,relax
sleep your eyes, thief at your home

You see a light
when you open your eyes....


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