Retrieving My Heart

July 4, 2012
By Stephie_13 BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
Stephie_13 BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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My heart lies behind enemy lines
It’s beating to your drum
It rises and falls to your voice
Your sweet whispers give it life; give it a reason to beat
Sometimes you love me, and then you hate me
But I always love you no matter what you do
But every time you turn on me, my heart falls and it cracks a little more

Round and round we go, this love- hate relationship has a hold on me, and I’m grasping for breath
Grasping for hope
For love
I’m begging to feel again; to live again

I’m tired of feeling like your Quasimodo
Locked away in a tower, hiding from the world
Hiding from myself
Let me go, Frodo!
Let me go!

I want to see the stars shine
I want to feel the wind blow
I want to experience life’s great mysteries
I want to join the festival
I want to be free
I want to live for me, because I realized that I just can’t please you

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