The Glass Cage

July 4, 2012
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I am trapped
In a box
Made of glass
Where I am at the center of everything
And everything can see me.
I’m crushed in this box
Leg folded, arms tucked
Head pressed against the glass
Begging those who walk right past me to help me
To free me
But they continue to walk on gazing
Laughing at me
Laughing at what I am
At the tears that run down my face
Beseeching kind words but only to receive heinous cries.
I’m uncomfortable in this box,
Like any animal in a cage;
I thrash and I scream but still no one hears me,
No one helps me;
Because all they see is an animal,
Dark skin, wild hair, bared teeth, wet eyes
And loud mouth.
They don’t care about me.
They may act like they care but they don’t.
I’m “nothing” to this world, so they leave me in this box
To scream
And thrash
And cry
And die
With only a distant memory of this world
Of its cruelty
And hate
And lies
As their people sit around and watch me suffer
In this box
Made of glass
Where I am the center grieving,
Dying in my own sorrow
And everyone watches
Yet still do nothing.

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