No Way Out

July 4, 2012
By tellingastoryonepageatatime BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
tellingastoryonepageatatime BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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I may not have the cutest eyes, perfect smile, gorgeous face, or the perfect body, but I do have a caring heart.

She'd smile like the sun, her hair fell like the rain, yet no one really knew her, no one ever felt her pain. Alone is what she felt, on her knees begging, for some hope; an ounce of courage. For someone just to hear her pleas. But no that never comes, not for her at least. You see she's a walking paradox. Her personality is flawed, full of what would've been but never was. So instead of every day, waiting for someone to come. She begins to go mad, like Alice trapped in Wonderland. Her smile like a sun? No more, a disappearance that was so blatantly ignored. Hair that fell like the rain? No, that all came out when she began to fall insane. So smile like the stars my dear and let your hair become the moon. Everyone goes mad one day, in Wonderland like Alice; or in bed while all by your lonesome. It won't be long so just stay calm, and let it all envelop you. Deep breath in and deep breath out, calm yourself, there's no way out.

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