July 5, 2012
By Dancergirl224 GOLD, Allen, Texas
Dancergirl224 GOLD, Allen, Texas
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I Love You Now and Forever <3
I am always by your side.... I'm in your heart
you should be optimisticly pestimestic

Love…. World… Heart
Three words… three very simple words
What do these words have in common?
Everything, yet nothing
All at the same time……
Is perfectly round, filled with the salty ocean
Filled with people…
People who are busy, always on the go
It’s what makes the world spin…
‘Round and ‘round
People spend their entire life searching for this passion
We think love has one definite presence
But really Love looks like everything
People say it looks like <3
But really it has the shape of a fist
This symbolizes strength.
That’s what Heart is… strength
So all three words share one thing……
Love is what makes the world go ‘round
But just like Love is the core of the world
Heart is found in the core of Love.
Behind all Love is Heart
That’s how they are connected…

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