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July 5, 2012
By BreannaMM PLATINUM, Dexter, Michigan
BreannaMM PLATINUM, Dexter, Michigan
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~Flower petal
Flower petal steady and strong bright and beautiful bold beyond reality sun set sun rises flower petal still boasts its beauty little one stops to admire its boldness and smell its sweet fragrance calm kind sweet but bold and steadily strong it stands months fade by that seem like years flower petal isn’t still so beautiful and her aroma isn’t so sweet but flower petal still stays strong then one day flower petal gets picked and taken from her magical and beautiful environment away from her home without the warmth and energy of her most glorious sun and fertilized soft bed and now the cool refreshing rain drops shall surly vanish away days go by and flower petal is still in the danger zone away from her home land. She cries herself to sleep in the irritating lamp that blinds flower petal and she lies in a cold hard slippery glass cage filled with water that is droning the life out of her. Slowly flower petal wilted faded and dried which caused her to die. But she still stayed strong and fearless tell the end. She loved life but she was forced to live life from the inside of a glass where she couldn’t enjoy life and in the end slowly painfully killed her. So no matter how beautiful and joyous it is to have flowers on your table just link of pore little flower petal and don’t pick them. We can still enjoy them longer when there out in their own safe world and most importantly being able to live life happy being beautiful for you.

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