Loosing you...

July 4, 2012
By GradGirl13 BRONZE, Visalia, California
GradGirl13 BRONZE, Visalia, California
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We pull in the car
Knots in my stomach and tears threatening to pour
I grab the handle and throw open the car door and just run
I don't stop till I'm at your door
I hesitate and slowly open the door
I see you there laying, barley moving
Before I move to your side I look at you
your breathing heavy and your skin has sunken to the bone
I cautiously walk to your side
your so pale and I'm scared to touch you
I look in to your once beautiful blue eyes but they have lost there gleam
I move my hand slowly and when our hands meet I flinch because your so cold

I lay my head on your bed
Begging you to stay, begging god to let you stay
My prayers seem to be ignored
My desperate pleas do no good

Someone tells me in an urgent voice I need to go and they try to take my arm and lead me out
I rip away and say no I wont I cant

I turn around to watch your yes fluttered back in your head
I grab your hand
I'm to late I watch you struggle to breath
and in a sec your life gone just like that
OI just stare out your face, your eyes still open
I choke out the words I love you but you don't hear them
Inside I'm screaming why!
Tears run down my burning red cheeks like waterfalls

Your hand falls from mine and hits the bed
your eyes like stone
It takes my whole being to stand up and kiss your forehead

My stomach in knots
tears staining my face
Mascara everywhere
I push the door open and run

Running is better then facing the reality of you really being gone

The author's comments:
Go easy on me this was my first attempt on a poem after a very rough time in my life.

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