Moonlight Sonata

June 29, 2012
Cherry wood and something foul, the moon is just a slit in the sky tonight, slenderman sits in the branches outside your triple pane glass guard, he whistles so high you can only hear it if you try, you clasp your hands to your chest- clear- shock therapy will get you no where, I know that look, makes cameo appearances on boogeyman nights. Don't snivel too loud, he can hear you through the box springs, you have to trust me; sometimes I can feel the bed bugs too, but I promise if you just hold your breathe long enough

squeeze the sheets real tight, they can't move if you Don't you dare blink, I bet you didn't know lashes could be six feet deep. The sun will come, and when it does just try to ignore the clawing under your bed, it's only as loud as you'll let it be, and when your window fails and light slips in don't forget to watch the floaters, when they catch the light just right it's not so bad. Deep breaths. Deep sky. Deep sleep.

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