Caught in the Act

June 29, 2012
By Shania Mayhan BRONZE, Fromberg, Tennessee
Shania Mayhan BRONZE, Fromberg, Tennessee
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Sitting and staring at that empty chair,

we all know why he isnt there.

He was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

His life blown away with the drop of a dime.

The night was dark with a chilly wind,

as he thought he could do it agian.

Sirens arose, the lights flew on, and he was caught in the act.

Their sentence allowed no way back.

The author's comments:
When i wrote this peice i was trying to write from the point of veiw of a child whos father had to commit crimes in order to provide for his family... I realize it is not that good for what i had intended it to be.. But the peice can take a lot of different directions when you think about the possibilities.. So all in all, i hope people can apply themselves to it in some way, big or small.

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