Fallen From Grace

June 29, 2012
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Heaven, a place where the flowers bloom and a never ending blue sky.
He created us, us beautiful, magnificent, graceful immortals.
We can not feel
We can not be seen
We can not be touched
For to feel is for the weak
For to see us will burn your eyes
For to touch us brings you death
Then Father created them
Creatures that were flawed, distorted, disgusted
These mortals
We look down on these insects
High and mighty we stood before them
But our Father told us to bow before them
I once had a brother
He was the most handsome creature that was created
The sun would hit his wings in the perfect spot all six of them
He refused to bow down to these humans
As a result he was banned and cast down
Now all of us have a choice to make
To stand by my father or brother
Reality strikes upon me
It is them who are better then us
Secretly I long for what they have
To feel then to not at all
To be touched then to be untouched
To be seen then being invisible
We all have a choice to make
I made my choice
Ripped the gift that Father has bestowed on me
I feel the wind pressing against my face as I fall
Fall to the place where I long to be.
I choose to stand with the humans

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