Ode to Mackinac Island & Lake Huron

June 29, 2012
Hooves of horses drum a beat on the street
Of a picturesque island on the Mackinac Straights.
Motorized vehicles may not travel through this island,
Instead, horses and carriages carry visitors in style.

I’ve traveled to Mackinac Island,
Experienced a thrilling adventure
I will never forget.
Mackinac Island’s enticing fudge
Draws you to numerous fudge stores.

I’ve seen the lake that surrounds Mackinac Island
As I walked along the shores of Mackinac Island,
The salty wind whipping my delicate fringes of hair
Onto my bright glowing face.

The sight of the lake
And boats pulling up to the island
Was too magnificent to take in all at once.

As I stared out into the beautiful, mystic Lake Huron
Surrounding Mackinac Island,
I was intoxicated by an unknown mystery.
I could feel the soft saline breeze,
The warmth from the sun.
I felt the cool water nudging my feet
As they sink into the softness of the sand.

The lake is a mind filled with thoughts and mysteries
The lake was another world completely…
It seemed to be my inside world.
I was drowning myself in the beauty of the lake,
The lake that you can’t resist.

I felt as though my eyes were like the lake,
Reflecting the bright, blue sunniness of the water.
My hair was like the waves that lift the salty-lake water,
Rustling in the wind

Lake Huron…a mystery!
I was captivated by the stillness of the water
During the night,
And how it was portrayed so vibrantly
During the daytime.

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