Strolling Down the Timeless Lane

June 29, 2012
Strolling down the timeless lane
Not a worry crosses her mind
As she races through the wind
Her little legs propelling her body,
Her adrenaline rushing,
The little girl is swinging,
Her mother pushes her from behind.
As the little girl soars,
Going up, up, higher and higher,
She observes the world around her;
Birds chirping in their nests,
Flowers swaying to the rhythm of nature’s music,
Trees rustling in the distance.
Awe-struck by the natural beauty around her,
The little girl jumps off the swing
The wind blowing her delicate fringes of hair
Across her shiny, bright, chubby face.
To the meadow beyond her
Where she basks in the warmth of the sun,
Lying down in the soft blanket of grass,
Plucking dandelion flowers
and making a necklace out of the flowers
By weaving the stems of the wildflowers together.

Strolling down the timeless lane
The little girl takes a unforgettable trip to the beach,
The crystal clear flow of
Glistening, glimmering, turquoise water
Lapping at her feet,
The smell of sea air luring her to the warm waters,
The sparkly, swirling, sludge-like, smooth, supportive sand
Is warm between her welcoming fingers and toes,
She could perceive the seagulls and waves
Crashing against rocks,
The excited hollers of her and her young companions
As they splash trickles of salty water at each other.
Trying to get as wet as possible,
The little girl and her companions
Dive under the waves,
Getting soaked to the bone.
They make sandcastles after drying off,
Carefully sculpting the sand
With their tiny toddler hands.
They then inscribe their names in the sand
Next to sand castle
And proudly display their work to their parents,
Who are encouraging the kids’ on.
This is the life on the beach that the little girl
Cannot help but savor!

Strolling down the timeless lane
The little girl notices her parents,
Proud and happy,
As they welcome and make comfortable
The newest addition to the family.
Soon for the very first time,
Her curiosity getting the better of her,
The little girl looks into the eyes of her
New, little, innocent baby sister
Whom she cuddles in her arms
As if the baby was the softest teddy bear,
Feeling the breath of the newborn child
Creating a delightful warmth
Against her cheek.

Strolling down the timeless lane
Where meadows lay filled with green,
The sight was so happy it made her beam,
Her ecstasies and anticipations
Filled her mind
Where the picture perfect wonderland
Never seemed to disappear.
Where the creative spirit
Of a little girl came to life.

Strolling down the timeless lane
Now fading away in the distance
The little girl
All grown up now
Knows that the wonderland
Existing in her younger years
Can never last.
Her cherished childhood memories
Are the only remains of her,
Strolling down the timeless lane.

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