A Domestic

June 29, 2012
By hjxx15 BRONZE, West Windsor, New Jersey
hjxx15 BRONZE, West Windsor, New Jersey
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how you looped me up

the way you did with

what i thought was a rope too thin-

clueless bout your brick-laced whip

and sh** your hands- what iron grip!

but who am i to speak? no i recall

all tension sweet fruit could not withdraw

and saddle sores sinking deep inches into skin,

your bum sore and my back broken.

“arbeit macht frei” you say

but me, still looped up quietly,

think abandoned post on a short,

short leash,

am destined to neigh for company-

why? is one sh**ty mystery.

The author's comments:
The original title for this poem was "Stallion". Fittingly, the title evolved into "A Domestic" after I read over the piece and finished my last edits. Humans historically have held a craving for total control and power over their environment, including their peers. In "A Domestic", this tendancy is viewed in the eyes of the domesticated.

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