June 29, 2012
By Anonymous

As the darkness swallows my being as a whole
As I descend deeper and deeper into the feeling of sorrow
As I clench my fist
As I grit my teeth
The pain continues
The damage is done
The rips and tears of eternity mark my soul
The putrid odor of tears resonates in the air
Before I sleep
Before I wake
Before all of my heart is lost
Before I pay the greatest cost
My brain is tossed and tossed
My thoughts stretch
My evil creeps
My hatred and fear peaks
Now the sun is still far from rising
I know my pain is on the horizon
It’s deeply imbedded in me like knife
Stabbing me repeatedly
Horrendously splattering the walls with memories of the gruesome act
I close my thoughts now, still ashamed, still in pain, but less blamed…..

The author's comments:
Im just hurting a little rite now.

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