Love in the Aquarium

June 29, 2012
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I walk in
I’m home
I’m amongst friends
A flash of blonde flies past me mumbling something
A see you later I believe
I let her go
I stare and my heart floats
Flashes of yellows bright as the sun
Purples that burst from their host
Reds and oranges swirl in the light blue
Colors mix and patterns clash all within one tank
I walk slowly
I name them all under my breath
They all have names; they all have a beauty to them that God himself must be proud he made
I come to clownfish and that is when I see her
An angel in a grass green shirt and dark blue jeans
Her strawberry hair flowing down her back
She stares happily at the fish, amused like a curious child
She turns and I am struck by sea blue eyes
They shine brighter than the light that filters through the tanks
A smile and a blush
Her creamy white skin is met with a rosy pink that challenges the brilliance of her lips
She steps closer to me
The smell of summer and watermelon drifts to me
Greeting take place
Small chat
But nothing is small to me
I am speaking with an angel
A piece of perfection
The word is uttered
My heart falls the image is crack
Not a piece of rare perfection, but an unrefined diamond
Whose sparkle no longer caught my eye
I disappear before we bond
I leave her
I feel to the place where angels should never travel
The tank of predators
The Shark tank
I am amongst powerful creatures
Jaws that snap with wicked precision
Noses that smell their prey
That smells the fear
Dark and light blue dart past the glass of the tank
The predators mingle amid the coral
Their water colors protruding from the brightness of the coral
I follow one shark
Her fins slice the water elegantly
She dashes to the conjoining tank and there she is
Eyes glues to the predators as her face nearly touches the glass
Raven hair with black apparel
Black strong boots with neon string that match the neon bracelets that decorate her wrist
They are not the only decorations
Scars crisscross on her skin
She turns
Grey stones stare at me with ruby lips that glow against her snow skin
The lips smile into a cunning smile
I am forced to step closer
I see the fangs on her shirt
They glisten against her breast
My attention is caught
I smell the roses I smell the blood
She is danger
She is pleasure in such raw form that one touch may destroy a man
I feel the warning and it is feeding time
Blood fills the tank and I watch the vulgar feast
I look at her
Eyes wide with absolute enjoyment
I run
A woman who craves blood and pain
Is a danger to not only myself but herself
I reach the Ray Tank
The gray thin creatures fly through the water gracefully
I see a familiar face
The flash of blonde that traveled with me
Her golden tanned hands are deep in the water stroking the soft cloud grey flesh
Her fingers trail to the tail and respectfully pull away
She looks up at me
Blue green eyes that are filled with kindness greet me
They welcome me over to her
Blonde hair falls over her shoulders in slight curls as her hands dive back into the water
Her flowered top is littered with salt water droplets
No doubt a well-deserved splash from a sensitive ray
She smells of lilacs and winter wind cold and calm but bright and kind
Angelfish tank
She murmurs to me as a quick smile spreads over her tulip flesh lips
I take her word to my heart and waltz to the tank
I see small peasants in the tank none that compare to the creature I search for
She appears
In all her majesty
The Empress of all Angelfish
Her yellow stripes burn against dark midnight blue scales
Her white face shines like a diamond amongst coals
My eyes are stuck to the tank when I feel something
A bump an accidently hit
I look
My heart quickens
Purple jewels look back at me
They are set against a powder white skin
That clashes with the dark brown bangs
She is an empress
A bright sun yellow shirt lays against dark blue jeans
An apology is immediately uttered
She smiles
With coral colored lips
I want these lips
We begin to talk
A date is made
A walk outside
I escort her out but something catches me
A feeling
I turn
A girl passes
The Angel at the clownfish tank?
No, she is similar but not her
I see out from the corner of my eye
A wave I look
The blonde friend waves from the other exit
She has seen my Empresses
A storm cloud of a woman brushes past my blonde friend
The predator has lost her prey
The angel has lost her familiar
And the friend has let go of her comrade
I wave goodbye and go to meet my Empress

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