The Boy

June 25, 2012
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Look for the boy
With a continuous smile on his face
With an extra special gleam in his eye
This is the boy I love
He has a pure heart
And an unconventional mind
And hope the size of the universe
He hums and taps his fingers
Cracks his jaw and laughs
He’ll make you feel special
Because in his eyes you are special
He’ll teach you how to hold a pencil properly
And how to correctly shade a portrait
He’ll show you the truly beautiful things in life
And make you laugh until you can’t breathe
He’ll love you as much as you love him
A lot
He’ll stay up past midnight on the phone with you if you’re scared
And play his music to lull you softly to sleep
He is neither apprehensive nor dull
He is outgoing and bold and…
He is a purely beautiful soul

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