What Black is..

June 25, 2012
By CupCakeSmile GOLD, Lancaster, Ohio
CupCakeSmile GOLD, Lancaster, Ohio
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Black is my heart.
Black are the tears that fall from my eyes.
Black is the blood in my veins.
Black is the ink that I write to you in.
Black is the world around me since you've been gone.
Black is the soul inside, because of what i've done.
Black is the color I see, now my heart's undone.
Black is the nerve's that unwind me.
Black is the darkness that surrounds me.
Black are the things i've seen.
Black is the shadow that hangs over me.
Black is the curse that won't let me breathe.
Black is the night, that surley won't pass.
Black is the end, the shattered glass.
Black is the ocean, that I've fallen Into.
Black is the unknown that's made me hate you.
Black is the knife as it kills me.
Black is the war that rages on around us.
Black is the blackest black of all.

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