June 28, 2012
By texasgrrl95 GOLD, West Orange, New Jersey
texasgrrl95 GOLD, West Orange, New Jersey
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I like doing crosswords in the waiting room
Waiting for you
I like not worrying what’s wrong with you
Or being too occupied with words to worry, anyway

Such a funny thing
So ineffectual, blasé
Is there a single word that isn’t
What can a person say that cannot be expressed
Me, I like it curt. I am terse with my words
And like them well-arranged with
Filled-in black spaces,
If I’m going to say them at all.

Now I’m occupied with the kaleidoscope on the wall
There are so many tiles in the shower
Could I count them?
Or would the numbers slide down the walls in lazy droplets
And slip through my fingers as I rinse and repeat?

It’s a soft patch of colors
There is no red
Only purple, yellow, green
Boundless, edgeless
Almost open-minded
But it seems to know where it’s going

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