It Belonged to Me

June 28, 2012
By kateabate308 BRONZE, Groton, Massachusetts
kateabate308 BRONZE, Groton, Massachusetts
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Cool adrenaline poured down my fingers
Soaking them in the finest form
that raw numbness peeled off them
I could feel their precise movement
It belonged to me
The tiny crystal flicks of movement
Which shot and drove through pure muscle
Out of every thought initiating in my mind
I have realized out of these pointless words
That I have wasted my relief
Compacting my stress into infinite molds
Which disintegrate every last shred of health
I dare to hold close
If only the hummingbird sang
I am truthful to say
My heart is the strongest
To pull me out of my slumber
For the simplest hope
I might act correctly
With my thoughts covered
In a thick ocean of blood
My vision blooms into the most vibrant rose
As I am unable to predict
How not to attract

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