Whispering Winds

June 27, 2012
By lilpineda BRONZE, Atchison, Kansas
lilpineda BRONZE, Atchison, Kansas
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"While darkness is avoided by most, I embrace it with open arms to discover the true beauty that lies within."

The morning air trickles in.
Hopes of warm weather rise.
Hair tangles as the winds
Whisper playful hints
Of what is to come.
Teasing us with memories.

Whispering winds taunt
With thoughts of sun-rays
And flowers in bloom.

White blossoms sir restlessly
To be reunited with their
Beloved Spring once again.
Gentle breezes comforting them
As they wait, eagerly.
Slowly and hesitantly moving on.

Whispering winds calm
Worries, pushing doubt aside.
Soothing impatient nerves.

Warm air melting harsh
Fridge reminders of winter.
Nature, escaping from imprisoning
Seeds, to grant new life.
Laughter awaits beside joy,
For lost lovers as Spring arrives.

Whispering winds carrying
Droplets of rain, cascading
To thirsty children below.

Lifeless bare trees with
Branches uncovered, await
Lush green leaves to embrace.
Long lost friends meeting
All over again, arms
Wide open in acceptance.

Whispering winds bring
Spring quickly, only to
Rip it away just as fast.

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