June 27, 2012
By powder_blue SILVER, Edgerton, Maryland
powder_blue SILVER, Edgerton, Maryland
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Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they're afraid that they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think that something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

Why did I wait
But now I’m awake

I’m wide awake

Why was I shy
Please don't die

I’m wide awake

I don't want to regret
I’ve made my mistake and yet

I’m wide awake

The dare to take
My promise I make

I’m wide awake

Don't fall asleep
Don’t make me weep

I’m wide awake

I’m not sleeping
My promise I’m keeping

I’m wide awake

The author's comments:
i wrote this because i was angry and upset that my friend was diagnosed with cancer. I was listening to Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' at the time, so i guess that's why i used the term wide awake -- there is really no other way to explain how i felt.

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