June 26, 2012
By ForMySake GOLD, Columbus, Montana
ForMySake GOLD, Columbus, Montana
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Maybe I should cry for help - maybe i should kill myself.

The guns are drawn
And the fire's begun
The knives thirst for blood
And it'll come out like a flood
Peace is no longer an option
Its time you suffer my reaction

That fear in your eyes
hides your thoughts, so unwise
Its time to dance with the devil
time to prove that I'm able
To be just as fatal
to become just as evil

Death is the bet
And this isn't over yet
This risk is worth the gain
Because my freedom, I will obtain
I've been on my knees long enough
Now I'm ready to call your bluff

Its time to stitch together my heart
That you so easily ripped apart
I won't let you destroy me again
I'm stronger than I was back then
Prepare for a bullet through the skull
Get ready for the pain, somethin awful

Might as well accept that you're through
Might as well bow down to me, too
Because I know I deserve more
More than you ever gave me before
I'll take you down with one single blow
I'll kill you – and you're over-developed ego.

I'm calling you out
I have not one single doubt
Soon I'll be standing over you
And you'll be bruised in black and blue
You will beg for the mercy
That you never gave to me

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