Where do I go from here ?

June 24, 2012
By IAMYARNISE BRONZE, Perryhall, Maryland
IAMYARNISE BRONZE, Perryhall, Maryland
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I met my lowest and killed her, Now im at my highest and Im never coming down.

Im Here Alone facing this World On my own , Taking every Foot Step , and Thinking about the next. Moving In Slow Motion , Because i dont wanna make a Mistake.Blinking On The 24th Hour Of Everyday , because I Dont wanna Miss a Thing , Thinking Out of the box , What if ... What if ... What If ... , But Not Responding. Taking Notes , And Writing Them In pencial , Just In Case I Mess Up and Need to Erase , Writing Every letter and Word From my heart , And Coloring Them In Black , So I Wont Regret a thing. hands By My Side , So I Can Squeeze Throu Cracks and Openings In The road. barefoot , So I can Jump Over Rocks and Bumps in The Road.No make Up On , Because I wanna Go As How I was born. No Weave , All Minds ... because he Didnt make me With It ... No Earrings , because i wanna be As When I was Thought of by him. Nothing but Strength , And Him To Lead me. Guide me throu , What mother nature Sends Up My Road. My feet Is Bleeding , And im letting It , So The Road can tell My Story. Now , When I get There ... I'll know Where to go.

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