Story of a Runaway

June 14, 2012
By ForMySake GOLD, Columbus, Montana
ForMySake GOLD, Columbus, Montana
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Maybe I should cry for help - maybe i should kill myself.

I've left
On the back of this cursed horse
This theft
Has put me on the wrong coarse
I don't know
If there's any turning back now
Gone thirty to zero
But I don't know how

I'm astray
In the unknown
On my way
Way to the gravestone
I cannot fight
Because I cannot win
Can't find the light
The light within

I leave
A path of destruction
I achieve
Nothing to mention
I lay my head
On the hard ground
I've led
Nowhere profound

I miss
Who I used to be
This bliss
Is not reality
The people
Who used to care
Are no longer able
No longer there

Is all I craved
This outcome
Cannot be saved
Is all I feel
I can't forget
I cannot heal

I look back
At the void I've left behind
Been attacked
By the demons of my mind
My home
Is no longer mine
So alone I roam
Searching for a sign

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