The Aftermath

June 20, 2012
By Anonymous

Bruises lace my skin,
Tiny as one,
Tie them together,
They form a unit,
One black and blue slash.
World spinning,
The blood pounding in my ears,
Gasping for air that’s not coming,
Panic seizes me,
Making it harder to breath,
Harder to mutter any sort of words,
At least I think they were words,
I hope they were.
I try shaking my head,
Try screaming,
But no sound comes,
I’m lost in a world of confusion,
Concerned faces,
Worried voices asking if I’m okay,
And silence.
I can’t speak,
Can’t tell them to stop.
I try to beg her to stop.
Please don’t continue,
I can’t take any more,
But she doesn’t understand me,
It’s like I’m speaking a foreign language.
My panic stricken look,
Pale sweaty face,
Shaking body tells her what my voice can’t.
These bruises are the aftermath,
The only results,
Of this experiment.

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