point of view

June 26, 2012
By Anonymous

many people will look at this situation a thousand different ways
but until you've felt this situation cried and lived through it not many people can judge
Many people will say they love there mother no matter what
i often say i cant stand her guts
Thankful that she brought me here but my unbreakable bond is with someone who isn't even my own blood
and though sometimes the words i speak often confuse the heck out of me
its all what i feel and what i feel is the jay that set me free
the words i speak are often real something not many people can handle
but there they were nudging me telling me to let it all out
but the second i did there they were nagging me telling me to push it all back in
the truth is what got me here but the outcome is something i fear
judging me wont change my mind criticizing me wont either but its all in how you look at the situation and how you take in what you hear.

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