With Your Shield

June 25, 2012
I waited in the midnight
For someone to save me
From the empty shadows
That loomed over my weary soul
And consumed my fragile being
Like a sandstorm to a pebble.
You parted the bitter darkness
And lit my path.
But even though the way was clear,
Your armor was paper-thin,
Your vision distorted.
You thought your light was too dull,
Too hazy,
Too flawed to lead anyone to Heaven.
I saw in that moment
That you needed a savior;
Someone to remind you your wings were fine,
To remind you your heart was strong,
To remind you that you are perfect.

I decided then
To take up the sword in your name.
I could not let anyone hurt you,
I could not let you think less of yourself,
And I wanted to repay you
For all the things you've done for me.
The vision is now
Where both of us are happy,
Keeping each other's spirits in check
So neither of us feels sorrow any longer.
So life is then perfectly symbiotic,

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