When a women smiles

June 25, 2012
By niecsa1 BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
niecsa1 BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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When a women smiles
She takes down that moment in files
Every sound, every smell
She is compelled to tell her love
In awe of your face she is stunned
Like a preserved statue she is immobile
Patiently waiting
Hating herself because she isn't perfect
While creating Nicki Minaj looks
Like fish hooks you have her wrapped around your finger
You linger to break her down and steal her crown
Light brown cutie on a pursuit of love and acceptance in bad places
Lets face it, you know what you did
You hid under destructed bed sheets
Long nights, early mornings
These were the warnings she refused to believe because she loved you
But i guess you don't care
Yet you wear her scent
Like a proud badge
As she hides from the light for it knows her sins
Piercing glares violate her subconscious
She runs for there is no where to go but down
As she drowns herself in poisons
She doesn't have to face the mirror in front of her
The scars on her bed will bleed every night
Because it will recite everything you have ever done and will ever do to her.

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