The Men Remember

June 25, 2012
By WildernessGirl94 BRONZE, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
WildernessGirl94 BRONZE, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
"climb down off the cross, use the wood to build a bridge and GET OVER IT" Christopher Titus

Sitting in a shallow trench
Eating meager rations out of a helmet
Dead comrades scattered, the ever haunting stench
Shells bursting around us, we can hear it
We’re going over the top tomorrow, we can feel it
Does it make us cowards because we fear it?

Death hangs over the forest
The battle is over, the Germans forfeit
Most are wounded, some are dead
Bodies everywhere you tread
We’re all allowed to go back home
We’ll never forget what most don’t know

It’s been 60 years and I am the Last Man
I long to have that old bottle in my hand
But it got lost along the way
I never thought I’d see the day
When I’d sit alone, this sad September
Thought you’ve forgotten, the men remember

The author's comments:
My great grandfather was a private in the US Army durring World War One and fought in the battle of the Meuse Argonne Forest. After the war the survivors of his Company formed the Last Man's Club. They held annual reunions on the anniversary of their push across no man's land and into enemy trenches. A bottle of French brandy was kept in the possession of one of the veterans until his death, and then was passed on to another. The last survivor got to keep it. My gread grandfather was the 4th man, passing away in 1978. Somewhere between the 3rd and 2nd man the bottle was lost and the last man, Mr. Willard Papen, never recieved it.

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