Once Upon A Time...

June 25, 2012
By ChuggaTrain.41 GOLD, Green Valley, Illinois
ChuggaTrain.41 GOLD, Green Valley, Illinois
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Once upon a time,
I wrote a rhyme.
It was about a couple.
Both were quite supple.
There was so much trust,
and happiness was a must.

But one day she got hurt.
Found out he was a flirt.
She had forgiven,
but the trust was broken.

As time grew older,
their trust 'came bolder.
But once again it crumbled.
And she'd become humbled.

and again,
and again...

When time repaired the couple,
they were happy as could be.
Together they raised two kids
and they lived happily ever after...

and once upon a time,
that couple was you and I.

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