The One you Love

June 25, 2012
Twist and walk
Gently try to pull away
turn away
from the one you love

Reach out and touch
the one you love
Don't let her get away
keep the hold you have
Firm and tight

Call the name
of the one you love
Twist and turn
to catch your eye
She hears your voice
Her heart will fly
to you to catch
and hold forever

Close your eyes and kiss
the one you love
Heaven will fall right at your feet
Move close
feel her heart beat

Minutes pass
with the one you love
A little too fast
stay with her
and make them last

Pull close
the one you love
and whisper soft
the words on your mind
in your heart

The girl you call
the one who walks by
the one you love
when she tries
to catch your eye
you are the one
forever the one she loves

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