Stop With....

May 23, 2012
Stop with the hurt and stop with the pain

Stop with the constant shouting louder than trains

Is all the war really needed?

Are the words of the peaceful worth going unheeded?

Do the bombs blowing up homes

Make you feel somehow whole?

Do the shrieks and cries for their lives

Echo in your ear every single night?

Does money spent on innocent people's termination

Show America's great spirit and determination?

Tears in the living and Memorials for the dead

Can't ever pay off your emotional debt

Stained red with blood white for the bones blue for the tears

That flag waving in the air only inspires fear

But I guess money spent on missiles and guns

Shouldn't be for healthcare- that would be no fun

Those torn up inside

From the blood and the screaming of those for their lives

Does The war and the pain

Bring you no disdain?

I sure hope your proud

Of the gunfire so loud

I hope that screaming

Has no significant meaning

Because that's what you have created

And speak for all when I say that I hate it

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