The Whispers Of The Wind

May 23, 2012
Whispers of the wind
Ruffling through me
Telling me everything yet nothing
Leaving me chasing for more
Will I shatter these raindrops slipping from my eyes?
Crystals spun of salt water,
Over wrought I yearn for more
For the release to take off the mask,
To stop playing pretend for forever more

I yearn to spin my own tale, not a tale of me for others
I don’t wish to whimper quietly
Sitting patiently
Hoping for the chance to let it slip off

I wish to yank it off and break it
Shatter the mask, letting what’s inside overwhelm me
But I cant, its stuck
I’m stuck pretending
Because if I don’t pretend, I have to see what’s under it

What I truly am
And I’m scared, so I cant
My hands are frozen in place
My mind stuck coming up with yet another fantasy

So I listen to the whispers of the wind
I let them sooth me, slide through me
I let myself test everything I know through them
I shatter all the raindrops I can

I try to let them slip off the mask blocking me
Instead of me being their release
They are mine
A chance to escape the game of lets pretend

And one day I will repay them
For bringing me people who help me slip it off
And make me watch as the mask shatters
Who watch me now as I whisper back into the wind

Thank you

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