Singles Awareness Day Poem

June 24, 2012
I'm sick of all the pink
Honestly I think it stinks
The way I'm shut out
Makes me pout

And then these couples
More and more they come
The whole thing
It just seems so dumb

The one day
That I can't say
All the things I want to
All the things I can't do
Because I'm forever alone
Cold and heartless
Down to the bone

Unwanted and unloved
Are the words in my head
As I lay awake in my bed
Trying to find my sanity
Just drowning in self-pity

The only one
Who felt right
Alone and warm
In his arms, tight
All fell apart
So bitter, so tart
Made icy cold
Deep in my heart

I don't blame him
His words
Were on a whim
No violence
No crime
Just need a good rhyme

Broken but spared
All he left me
Were pieces
Yet to be repaired..

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