Bull in a china shop

June 24, 2012
By megan505 SILVER, Hoffmen Estates, Illinois
megan505 SILVER, Hoffmen Estates, Illinois
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A bird
Once light as a feather
Now heavy as a brick
It falls into the ocean
Unseen by people
Because this bird does not matter
As the air does not matter
The air we breathe
Does not matter?
The foolishness of our kind
Like a child learning that glue is not for eating
Like the rabbit who dares to challenge the wolf
In battle
Pebbles thrown at your daughter’s window
By the rebel
That you do not care for
To this man she will lose innocence
That only she
And the book, locked and covered with flowers will know!
The slow beating of the heart
In tone with her music
The depression is thick
Can you see it?
When she locks herself in her bathroom to cry
Because the lock in her room has long been broken
Too many times slamming it shut in anger
She is the bird now drowning
With no one to save her
Do you see her desperation yet?
The pain wrapped in her eyes
You tell her it’s just a phase
Just a phase she’ll grow out of
It will take more then growing to fix her
She is broken, done finished
No amount of glue, tape or thread can put her back together again
She is humpty dumpty, but she did not fall
She was pushed
Pushed by you
2 times, 3 times, 4 times
She falls
Falling fast and when she hits the freshly waxed floor
She shatters for miles
You are the bull and she is the china shop
She has no chance
Of coming out clean

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