Yes we did it

June 24, 2012
Yes we did it
we had enough ambition to keep on moving and clean a dirt of a road we walked everyday
so take a look and see how far we came from dust and dirt sweeping up and covering up the light
that used to shine back when we play house
basketball practicing outside
or the escape room we created to run from the man
look how far we came to became the men and women we were meant to be
even though our story might not be the same,
but see the road that's colored with yellow golden brick
you walk hand in hand
trying to get back home like the characters from wizard of oz
we are here because the ambition we had was greater than the squares we had in our circle
trying to throw,
push, and break us down to climb on top of us
grab and uphold your chance to apprehend the opportunity to move on up pass the stars
like Obama capturing the president seat
onto the next step like ladders that reach the heavens
that we can stare down darkness from heavens
feeling a sensation from the top of our lungs hugging our heart and pumping happiness that's rising and rising
and giving birth to tears that only occur with the strongest emotions
stand up up with me and let's throw hats around and yell with ambition that we finally took the bull by the horns because i have a dream like MLK did in his life and even now we still go by his dream
for one moment i would like for you to close your eyes,
and think about where we came from, where we are now, and know we are our dreams in action
let's keep this ambition going on
and never allow temptation to fool us again
take note for this day we are moving on with life and its sour fall of rain on us
climb the ladder to heavens while grabbing each and every success on the way up
cry the tears of happiness, joy, and achievement for you today have fulfilled one dream of many more to come
let go of the torment of sadness at the door for on this day we have open new door
and capture and uphold the faith of our friends, family, and loved ones who share this day with us
set forth to the road of enlightenment and moving on to bigger and better things
i hear the music of we are the one
the ones to change the twisted stereotype that is our generation
we are the light in our peers' eyes,
we are the future of what this world beckons for
on this note let's make changes and let's not fall back to temptation,
but keep moving on with greatness on our mind
i'm proud to say we are here,
it's our time to move on up in the world
we have enough ambition to keep moving on in life
ladies and gentlemen i am proud to present you and to be a part of the Paladin class of 2012

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