June 23, 2012
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I want to be who I am,
But I can't.
I'm trapped here,
Behind these iron bars,
And the few times I break out,
You come to my mind,
And violently shove me back.
You lock me back up,
With your selfish words,
Your ignorance.
I scream at you,
Why can't you hear me?
Why can't you see the real me,
The one I cannot be,
I can't leave,
And when you're there,
And i'm here, far, far away,
I'm accepted.
I have that freedom to be who I am,
The one one you lock away.
I'm biding my time,
I'm playing my cards,
And one by one,
Your strategies crumble.
I'd love to say I can do it on my own,
But she,
The person I never thought would be there?
She lends me strength,
Without her,
I would have crumbled long ago...
So you see,
Those iron bars you've built to keep me locked up,
They are slowly rotting,
Let cold, wet wood on a rainy day.
One of these days,
I will have the strength I need,
To break free - and never look back.
One of these days, here soon,
Your throne will crumble beneath you.
And when it does,
I will be there,
Standing over you.

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