Last Few Minutes

June 23, 2012
You wore that small black dress,
the one you keep in the back of your closet
way in the back because you feel self-conscious.

I stood next to you the whole time,
wiped away the tears
I even held your hand at some point but,
you didn't seem to feel.

I watched as your eyes turned puffy,
I held onto your waist when you nearly fainted,
I crooned your name and called you honey
and waited.

I held your hand the whole car ride there,
and I'm not going to lie, but I couldn't help but stare.

Your eyes looked out the window
and I prayed you'd crack a smile
but how could you, your throat was filled with vile.

I held you close when the wind piked up
keeping you warm as it all began
my heart broke into a million pieces when you finally saw me
and I swear to God that I hoped it was all behind me.

I held your hand one last time,
the one that held the two white roses,
sneaking a kiss onto your cheek.
I opened my hand along with yours and watched them fall slowly,
and quickly fell to watch them fall towards me.

I looked up at you and whispered my last good-bye,
positive you heard it
carried by the wind that swayed by.

You said your good-bye too.
I could feel it, don't you worry
we'll see each other soon,
but please, please
don't be in a hurry.

As for now, I hope you come and see me,
and I'll be waiting here for you...
it's okay death is something ordinary,
too bad it had to come so soon.

I begin to walk away and want to scream your name,
but there's not way not to leave you
because truth is I think we both know
that I am dead.

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