Two Figures

June 23, 2012
By capanda1 SILVER, Tucson, Arizona
capanda1 SILVER, Tucson, Arizona
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Many stories pass.
And many stories are told.
But very few will never grow old.
One story untold for long.
Thought of a young child while dreaming of love.

Two figures stand alone.
One wishing for a heart.
The other wishing for a home.

They stood hand in hand.
A woman and a man.
One holding the others heart.
One holding the others forever.

Suddenly one figure falls to their knees.
The other gasps in surprise,
and tears come to her eyes.

There's a nod and a yes.
Then a flowing white dress.
And suddenly the young child sees only death.

The young child sees two figures lying on a bed.
Holding each other as they take their last breaths.
The child sees what she wants.

She wants to spend forever in the arms of the boy.
The boy standing in front of her.
In the eyes of this boy she saw her life flash before her eyes.
The eyes of a boy she wanted for so long.

And as he took her hand.
As he leaned down to kiss her.
As they stood in the place the two figures had,
She knew it would happen as she saw it.
She was sure.
He was her forever.

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