If I Asked You

June 5, 2012
By Anonymous

If I asked you to stay would you, because I don't know if I believe you. I have heard it before, I have hung on your every word. You are my everything, and I am you toy.

If I wanted the truth, would I like it. I can't tell wether to be hurt for great full. You saved my from yourself, but killed me too. I want you, I need you, but I can't survive with you. Everything you touch dies. I don't want to die, I don't want to be alone either. Tell me it's forever and it will be.

If I asked you to stop, could you. I don't believe you could. You take, you control, you destroy, you brake. My pieces lay scattered on the floor, any you sweep them under you bed. The bed that you say is meant for love, but was the true destruction of us. I lost you on that bed, I lost me on that bed, I lost us on that bed. You gained everything you will ever have on that bed. I don't think I ever had anything to give you in the first place.

If I. Asked you to love me back, could you.do you know what love even is . I do,and it's not you. I wish it was though, so we play these games. I ask you and you ignore me, but what else is new. You are the same but I am not.iam alive again because I know iam not yours to take as youplease. I have a fire within me again.how do you feel being broken? I will never know though because I am done asking you.

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